Tony is Mario's best friend, and often interrupts Mario's videos by popping in and yelling "MARIO!!!! MARIO!!!!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!"


He is very gay!


Tony loves his own cereal.

His favorite show is Blues Clues.

Early YearsEdit

Tony was born to Meowth and another furry cat, along with two brothers. He was different from his brothers, because he had pink stripes instead of blue. Meowth took him to the pound and gave him to Woody and Mr. Pig. Mr. Pig took him in, and introduced him to other pets, some of which were main characters, like Goofy, M&M, and Scruddles. Peach wanted a kitty around the same time, so Mario took her to the pound, and Mr. Pig introduced them to Tony. Despite Mario's protests, Peach took Tony.


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