Black Yoshi

Toad's Mistake 2 is the sequal to Toad's Mistake.



Black Yoshi



Black Yoshi is playing Call of Duty, when he feels the need to use the bathroom. He promises his remote he won't be gone for long. Toad comes in, and sees Call of Duty on. He decides to try it, since he's never played it before. Black Yoshi finishes his whizz, and goes back to Mario's room to play some more. However, he is shocked to see Toad about to play! He pulls out his gun, and begins to chase Toad around the house. Toad panicks, and starts running everywhere. He only stops when he realizes Black Yoshi has cornered him. Black Yoshi shoots him, and blood spills all over the floor. Weakened, Toad tried to escape, but Black Yoshi attacks him with a aerosol can. Toad finally falls over, defeated. Black Yoshi is happy about this, because it means he can finish Toad off. Meanwhile, Mario has found the biggest Mushroom in the world! He is pushing it across the counter, but doesn't look where he's going, and drops it off the counter. Toad eats it, and gains his power back. He runs outside, and with the Mushroom's power tripling his speed, Black Yoshi can't catch him. Black Yoshi goes to his laptop, and calls an Enemy AC-130 to shoot missles at Toad. Toad still has a bit of superspeed left, and is able to dodge all the missles. A very angry Black Yoshi tells the AC-130 to call in a Tactical Nuke on Toad. Toad is too scared to move, and explodes. Black Yoshi goes back to Mario's room to finish playing Call of Duty. Mario runs in and asks Black Yoshi about the explosion that killed Toad. Black Yoshi explains what happened, and threatens to kill Mario the same way he killed Toad if he wants to play his Call of Duty.