Princess Peach: [after the Paramount logo is finished, opening to the 1997 Plush Studios logo, Paramount and Plush Studios presents] Shush!

Suzy Sheep: I'm stuck!

Princess Peach: Get back.

[Princess Peach runs, the 2 dogs runs, Princess Peach opens the door when Miranda Richardson]

Miranda Richardson: Tony Haygarth? What is that chicken doing outside the fence?

Tony Haygarth: Ohh! I don't know, luv, I…

Miranda Richardson: Just deal with it. Now!

Tony Haygarth: I'll teach you to make a fool out of me.

Princess Peach: Ugh!

Tony Haygarth: Now let that be a lesson to the lot of you! No chicken escapes from Tweedy's farm!

[cut in The Imagine Toys Adventure logo, Princess Peach pens in pig pen, Tony Haygarth opens the door, Tony Haygarth opening the fence, and toys]

Toys: Stop! Come on! Oh!

[Princess Peach screaming, Miranda Richardson notes a paper, Princess Peach her Tony Haygarth's leg, Peach opens the door, Princess Peach's dark in black, Princess Peach's crash sand, 2 dogs growling, Princess Peach screaming, and the toys in dresses, 2 dogs growling, toys scream, Princess Peach falling in cooler, Peach throws a ball and going toys]

Angelica Pickles: Morning, Peach. Back from holiday?

'Woody: Roll call! Come along.

Princess Peach: I wasn't on holiday, Angelica. I was in solitary confinement.

Angelica Pickles: It's nice to get a bit of time to yourself, isn't it?

[bell rings, Woody walks to toys humming "Deck the Halls" and Woody clears throat]

Woody: You'll be late for parade. Pip, pip. Quick march. Left right, left right, left right! Come on, smarten up!

Suzy Sheep: Ow!

Woody: Discipline! Back in my RAF days, when the senior officer called for a scramble, you'd hop in the old crate and tally-ho! Chocks away!

Suzy Sheep: Give, over, you old fool! They just want to count us.