Plot Edit

Mario is asleep. His phone wakes up, realising that Mario thinks that someone's calling. It was revealed the bank. Mr. Goodman talks to Mario, but reveals that there is a car. Mario finally sees the car. He said that he's gonna be so mad, but sees everyone in the car. Red Bird talks to Mario, but tells him to calm down. Shrek says that he needs cheesecake. Red Bird says he's happy. Woody comes along and talks about shrimpos. Red Bird says that everyone is happy, except Mario. Mario goes in rampage, telling them to get out. Red Bird and the others then drive off with Mario's car. Meanwhile, Red Bird and the others are talking to each other. But Shrek reveals that he forgot his cheesecake. He likes to eat it in the car. And he doesn't wanna make a mess. But however, the car goes out of control. Mario waits for the car. He sees it and says What, where are they going. But however, the car finally explodes.