Plot Edit

Mama Luigi reveals Luigi, tied up in a cocoon. Luigi screams for his life. Mama Luigi says he's gonna be a beautiful butterfly. They save him and free him from the cocoon. Luigi tells what happened: The day when he proved himself in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he notices 2 jawas working on a device. He concludes it as a tanning booths and tans himself. It really is a scanner. The jawas see Luigi on the computer and argue. Luigi exits it and takes a crap. Mama luigi comes out of the scanner and notices a closed door. Luigi notices Mama Luigi and says the tanning booth must've been a cloning booth. He sees it as a way to get more popular than Mario, but Mama Luigi captures him and beats him up, saying there's room for only 1 Luigi in the world. Then, Mama Luigi takes place of Luigi in videos like Super Mario Sluggers review and Rock Band review. Mama Luigi says he did it because his fans didn't vote him on the Main Character Judging. Sad, he became a rapper named L-Weezy who only had one fan, Pimpster Goomba, who work on their next hit single: The DSi. Peach calls Officer Goodman and Mama Luigi is arrested. Before Mario can relax, Goodman says it's time for Retard Court. At Retard Court, Officer Judge Goodman says the charges: Kidnapping, Assault, Identity Theft, and Rape. Goodman asks Luigi to state his case: "He beat me up!" Mama Luigi says he's guilty but his Toad Lawyer tells him he's innocent. Mario calls Peach as a witness. Peach says she won't swear to tell the truth on the Super Mario Galaxy guide. Mario asks Peach questions, but Toad tries to convince Goodman Mario did it. Mama Luigi asks her a great question "Do you know the muffin man?" Goodman is convicted guilty and sentences him the shocky chair. Before the jury ends, Yoshi enters and proves Mama Luigi shouldn't die a painful death. Yoshi says he saved Peach, killed Bowser, and saved him from a Frozen Death of Hot Pockets. Goodman sentences him to 1 day in Federal Gay Jail. Toad celebrates as Mario and Luigi cry. mama luigi says this is the best day ever. Mama Luigi enters the jail, meeting Bubbles. The gang run 1028 miles and Mario and Luigi catch up on their past. But they can't think of anything. Peach says there's a 2 for 2 deal on plane tickets. Mama Luigi meets them there and they take the 2 for 2 deal, but Goodman takes the last one. There's a 3 for 2 deal. They can take Yoshi! Peach says they run out of that. Then, a 3 for 3 deal is open. Peach takes Mario to a grassy area and says big news: She's pregnant!