• (Theme song plays)
  • Pete Docter: Hi, I'm Pete Docter, the director of The Begin SuperMarioLogan Film. Welcome to the commentary on the DVD.
  • Andrew Stanton: Hi, I'm Andrew Stanton, and I'm screenwriter and co-executive producer.
  • John Lasseter: Hi, I'm John Lasseter. I'm executive producer.
  • Lee Unkrich: And I'm Lee Unkrich, co-director of The Begin SuperMarioLogan Film And welcome.
  • John Lasseter: Even though The Begin SuperMarioLogan Film is Pixar's fourth film, its origins start back even before our first film A Bug's Life. A Bug's Life was the first computer animated feature film and Pixar's first feature. And Andrew and, and Pete and I, along with Joe Ranft, developed the story of that.
  • Pete Docter: So one of the things I loved about working on A Bug's Life was how many friends came up to me and said, "Oh, I totally believed that my toys came to life when I wasn't in the room." And I was looking around for other things like that we all experienced as a kid, a sort of a shared experience. So, I knew that monsters lived in my closet and were coming out to scare me at night, so I figured a lot of other people felt that way, too. The purpose of the title sequence here is basically to set the tone of the film. Without it, we actually had an earlier version where we start right in on the kid asleep in bed, and it becomes a much more spooky, dark, kind of scary tone that we're laying down. With the title sequence, we're hoping to tell people, "This is gonna be fun. It's gonna be colorful and upbeat." Geefwee Boedoe had designed it and also animated it along with Patrick Siemer.