SuperMarioHarry is a pretend YouTube channel that has funny videos.

Career Edit

Starting from 2012, Harry Bird (under the name of TheSimpsonsStuff) decided to make random videos about Mario and Luigi doing their random stuff.

The shows were Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures and Black Yoshi and The Birds, based on SuperMarioLogan's YouTube shows.

He has another pretend account called SuperLuigiHarry, which was about him telling us updates about random things that happened during his life or he would sometimes talk about stuff that didn't come true.

He also made movies and shorts about random things that happens to Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Black Yoshi, Peach and Mama Luigi.

Where is he now? Edit

SuperMarioHarry hasn't been regularly making videos since 2013, although he would make more episodes of Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures, which is currently on Season 2.