The Sponge Who Saw Too Much Edit

SpongeBob witnesses a murder of a friend and starts being emotional.

Whatever Happened to Walter? Edit

Walter decides to go missing after trying to ruin SpongeBob's life.

The Retun of an Enemy Edit

Walter returns to make everyone's lives a living hell, especially SpongeBob and Patrick's.

Homer the Hero Edit

Homer becomes a hero after saving SpongeBob's life.

The Attack of Walter and His Henchmen Edit

Walter arrives along with his henchmen to destroy SpongeBob and his friends, but his plans are foiled when Homer saves the day.

Evil SpongeBob Edit

SpongeBob gets hypnotized by Walter and starts doing what Walter does.

The Fridge Edit

SpongeBob gets trapped in the fridge when trying to get some food.

SpongeBob, Woody and Buzz vs Walter Edit

Walter kidnaps Patrick and it's up to Woody, Buzz and SpongeBob to save him.

My Friend Patrick Edit

After Patrick decides to move away because Walter is in his house, SpongeBob tries to make things better for him.

The 100th Episode Edit

SpongeBob finally gets the chance to end Walter's life by killing him after things get way too far.