The Devil Lord Losse Part 2/2 Edit

SpongeBob and Patrick are saved by their friends from the evil Lord Losse.

SpongeBob the Great Edit

SpongeBob becomes popular when he is known to be a god.

Halloween Edit

It's Halloween and SpongeBob and Patrick get ready for some trick or treating, until Walter comes along and ruins everything.

The Little Puppy Edit

SpongeBob and Patrick find a puppy who got lost in the streets and they decide to keep him forever.

Patrick the Runaway Guy Edit

Patrick decides to run away after things get too much, but is then kidnapped by Walter.

The Evil Demon Part 1/2 Edit

Lord Losse comes back to possess SpongeBob and Patrick into demons once again, who will save those guys?

The Evil Demon Part 2/2 Edit

Woody, Buzz, Yoda, Homer, Scooby Doo, Jack-Jack and Woodrow save SpongeBob and Patrick from the evil Lord Losse.

SpongeBob the Misbehaved Guy Edit

SpongeBob starts behaving like an animal until he is confronted by Walter.

Life is Like Hell Edit

The lives of everyone including SpongeBob and Patrick are in hell when Walter makes things worse for them.

SpongeBob's Night Out Edit

SpongeBob goes on a night out along with Patrick, Woody, Buzz, Homer, Woodrow, Yoda, Mario and Luigi until things start to go wrong when Walter creates chaos.