The Greedy Sponge Edit

SpongeBob starts eating a lot of food, but then Patrick comes along and does the same thing.

The Big Battle Part 1/3 Edit

Walter starts a big battle, causing SpongeBob, Patrick and the rest of their friends to join in.

The Big Battle Part 2/3 Edit

The big battle continues while Walter's henchmen are killed by SpongeBob and Patrick's henchmen.

The Big Battle Part 3/3 Edit

The big battle ends with the death of Walter and his henchmen.

SpongeBob Gets Kidnapped Edit

Walter returns from the dead and kidnaps SpongeBob, will Patrick and his friends save him on time before it's too late.

The Life and Death of a Sponge Edit

SpongeBob's life is turned upside down when an old enemy goes way too far.

SpongeBob's Funeral Edit

It's SpongeBob's funeral and Patrick and his friends are really upset about it.

The Return of SpongeBob Edit

SpongeBob returns from the dead and kills Walter.

Walter's Revenge Part 1/2 Edit

Walter returns from the dead again and gets revenge on SpongeBob and Patrick.

Walter's Revenge Part 2/2 Edit

SpongeBob and Patrick save themselves and they fight Walter and his three henchmen.