Trip to Ireland  Edit

SpongeBob leaves for Ireland, but Patrick tries to live, but then dies.

The SpongeEdit

SpongeBob becomes an alien and starts killing some of his friends and enemies.

SpongeBob the HeroEdit

After saving a friend from evil people, SpongeBob becomes a hero.

So It's Come to This: A SpongeBob and Friends Clip ShowEdit

After going through a freak accident, SpongeBob tells everyone about his past.

Patrick's AdventureEdit

Patrick goes on a adventure, but then his twin brother comes along and tries to kill him.

King SpongeBob Edit

SpongeBob becomes king of his own house, before Walter ruins everything.

Homer Simpson vs Mr BurnsEdit

After Mr Burns bullies SpongeBob and Patrick, Homer decides to fight his boss.

Mickey's RevengeEdit

Mickey finally vows for revenge against Walter, but his wife Minnie tries to kill him.

SpongeBob vs SpringfieldEdit

SpongeBob makes a collect call to Springfield and insults the town, so he and Patrick have to go there to make things better before anything gets out of hand even more.

SpongeBob the GeniusEdit

SpongeBob starts becoming intelligent and starts to make things better, but then he makes thing worse by telling everyone that he is Donald Trump's son.