The Pizza  Edit

SpongeBob and Patrick eat a lot of pizza, but then they get confronted by an unexpected visitor.

Woody's BrotherEdit

Woody and his brother Woodrow go to SpongeBob and Patrick's house, but then Walter comes along and ruins everything.

Man Up, SpongeBob Part 1/2Edit

SpongeBob mans up with Patrick, but it all goes wrong when a unexpected person comes along and messes it all up.

Man Up, SpongeBob Part 2/2Edit

The unexpected person turns out to be Mario, who had to stalk SpongeBob and Patrick.

Passed Away Part 1/2Edit

Perry dies of cancer, so SpongeBob and Patrick book him a funeral, but in the aftermath, a unexpected visitor comes along and tries to kill both of them.

Passed Away Part 2/2Edit

SpongeBob and Patrick leave for Herne Bay, but the unexpected visitor turns out to be Walter.


SpongeBob and Patrick leave for their holiday.

Leave Bikini Bottom for Herne BayEdit

As Walter dies, SpongeBob and Patrick annouced that they're leaving for Herne Bay.


A visitor called Tricksy show SpongeBob and Patrick a new place for him to stay.

No MoreEdit

SpongeBob decided to have enough of Walter and tries to kill him, but it all goes wrong when Walter accidently got killed by SpongeBob.