Kill the Thug and Run Edit

SpongeBob kills Walter when things get way too far, will he get away with it?

The World of Hell Edit

Walter comes back from the dead to make people's lives hell again.

A Stupid Guy Named Walter Edit

Walter continues to torment the people who hate him so much, especially SpongeBob and Patrick.

The SpongeBob They Fall Edit

SpongeBob decides to become a boxer after hearing about Muhammad Ali.

I, Spongebot Edit

SpongeBob is turned into a robot by Walter, but is then saved by his friends when Walter himself is defeated.

Walter Goes to Prison Edit

Walter gets arrested for committing a bank robbery at the bank, but then he escapes from prison to kill SpongeBob and Patrick.

SpongeBob's Near-Death Experience Edit

SpongeBob almost dies when he gets locked inside a fridge by an mysterious person.

The Tragic Death Edit

SpongeBob gets emotional when one of his friends sadly passes away after a long battle with cancer.

Walter Gets Into Trouble Edit

Walter gets into trouble with the police after he attacks Patrick for some pathetic reason.

SpongeBob and Patrick VS Bart Simpson Edit

SpongeBob and Patrick get bullied by Bart, who is now working for Walter.