Mission: Unpossible Edit

SpongeBob makes friends with Ralph Wiggum after Bart is rude to him.

Who Murdered Bart Simpson? Part 1 Edit

Bart is killed by a mysterious person, so SpongeBob and Patrick have to investigate this.

Who Murdered Bart Simpson? Part 2 Edit

SpongeBob and Patrick continue to investigate the murder of Bart Simpson, will they get close to the killer?

Who Murdered Bart Simpson? Part 3 Edit

SpongeBob and Patrick finally confront the person who killed Bart Simpson, will they get killed too?

Where's Patrick? Edit

Patrick goes missing and it's up to SpongeBob to find his best friend himself.

For a Few Million Dollars More Edit

SpongeBob becomes rich after he wins the lottery and starts to pick on Walter.

The Good, the Bad and the Sponge Edit

SpongeBob confronts Walter after finding out that he will get him assassinated by a few of his henchmen.

You Only Die Twice Edit

SpongeBob receives a nasty phone call from Walter, so he decides to kill his enemy.

SpongeBob the Pariah Edit

After things get way too far, SpongeBob is called the ''town pariah'' by all of his friends, but Patrick doesn't care about what people think of his friend.

Toad the Evil Guy Edit

Toad starts working for Walter, enraging SpongeBob and Patrick and so they get revenge on their friend just to make things right before it's too late.