Jack-Jack's Death Part 2/2Edit

The toys finally found Jack-Jack dead, will Yoda defeat Walter.

My First Day at Isle of WightEdit

SpongeBob and Patrick have their first day at Isle of Wight.

Bart's DeathEdit

Bart finally meets his end, but will SpongeBob cry in Bart's arms.

Ned Flanders' DeathEdit

Ned meets his end, but will SpongeBob and his friends defeat Spiderman and Twin SpongeBob.

President SpongeBob's First ElectionEdit

SpongeBob finally becomes the first president of United Kingdom, but will Patrick be invited.

The Joking Sponge ManEdit

SpongeBob revealed that Patrick is a funny toy, but will Walter disturb them.


SpongeBob is being attached with the computer and is disturbed by YouTube videos.

Patrick vs. Mickey MouseEdit

Patrick is having trouble with Mickey Mouse, but will Twin Patrick save Patrick.

Christmas Part 1/2Edit

It's Christmas and SpongeBob is about to unwrap his presents.

Christmas Part 2/2Edit

SpongeBob and Patrick find Kenny McCormick, but Kenny realised that he's from South Park.