Homer the Detective Edit

Homer investigates a murder along with SpongeBob and Patrick after one of his friends has been killed by a mysterious person.

Patrick's Got a Brand New Badge Edit

Patrick becomes a policeman after he witnesses one of his friends arresting his enemy.

A Man Who Doesn't Care About People Edit

Walter starts avoiding people who doublecross him, except for his henchmen.

A Rainy Day Edit

SpongeBob and Patrick are forced to stay indoors due to the nasty weather.

How to Move On from Walter Edit

SpongeBob and Patrick try to move on from Walter, but he always foils their plans to get away from him.

I Know What You Did To Me Last Night Edit

After getting attacked by a mysterious thug, SpongeBob ends up taking the law into his own hands by confronting his attacker.

Sweet SpongeBob SquarePants' Baadasssss Song Edit

SpongeBob spends the whole day with Patrick after he receives some life-changing news.

Life in Hell Edit

Walter starts to terrorise his enemies, including SpongeBob and Patrick, who threaten to kill him if he strikes again.

Job Done Edit

After a hard day at work, SpongeBob comes home and tells Patrick some really shocking news.

Walter the Murderer Edit

Walter murders a person, leaving SpongeBob and Patrick to solve it and put their enemy in prison before he strikes again.