Pilot Edit

SpongeBob meets Bart and does some fun stuff.

Homer and Marge's WeddingEdit

SpongeBob and Patrick go to a church, to attend a wedding.

The Murder Part 1/3Edit

A murder has happened, which that SpongeBob and Patrick have to find out, will the murderer go to jail.

The Murder Part 2/3Edit

SpongeBob and the rest of his friends continue to investigate the murder of a friend, but then they spot the culprit that they're looking for.

The Murder Part 3/3Edit

SpongeBob and his friends finally catch the murderer, but who is it.

The Demon Part 1/2Edit

SpongeBob and Patrick are turned into demons, but who done it, meanwhile, someone catches Woodrow's eye.

The Demon Part 2/2Edit

The toys must fight back with Lord Losse, but one of the toys suddenly dies.

Jack-Jack's Revenge Part 1/2Edit

After Jack-Jack gets kidnapped, SpongeBob and his friends must catch the villians.

Jack-Jack's Revenge Part 2/2Edit

The toys try to destroy Jack-Jack, but Cyberman helps them defeat Walter and Jack-Jack.

Jack-Jack's Death Part 1/2Edit

Jack-Jack is killed and found dead, but SpongeBob and his friends have to stop the murderer, will SpongeBob, Yoda, Homer and Woody catch the murderer, or is it Walter, who done it.