Shrimp for Tonight's Surf & Turf

A bunch of Shrimpos.

A Shrimpo is basically a frozen shrimp that moves, and Woody's favorite food. There are, according to Woody , many different kinds of Shrimpos, but he will gladly eat any of them. In the Shrimpo Hunter series, the species of Shrimpo that Woody hunts is the African Shrimpo, or Wild African Shrimpo. In Shrimpo Hunter Episode 3, Woody is tracking a Shrimpo that he calls Shrimpolopolis , which he ends up hitting with his car. According to Woody, a Shrimpo's call sounds like this: SHRIMPO! CHEW-WEE-BOUY! Woody often uses this call to lure in Shrimpo's and even rigged his car horn to play it. He also heard it, along with the Shrimpo Hunter theme song on the radio. In Shrimpo Hunter episode 4, it is revealed that Shrimpos have a poisonous bite, can contract rabies, and they have a liking for Fudge Rounds. In episode 5, two new Shrimpo species are revealed: the Flying Shrimpo, which has wings, and the Giant Shrimpo, which can be up to 50 feet tall/long.

Species of ShrimpoEdit

  • African Shrimpo or Wild African Shrimpo (Shrimpolopolis' species)
  • Flying Shrimpo
  • Giant Shrimpo
  • Galloping Shrimpo
  • Shrimpolopolis

Known Shrimpo DeathsEdit

  • A large Shrimpo is eaten by Woody.
  • Woody shoots a Shrimpo with his fireball cannon.
  • Woody hits a Shrimpo (Shrimpolopolis) with his car.
  • Woody shoots a Shrimpo with a rocket launcher.
  • In the SML video, "Ghost Shrimpo", Woody is scared by the ghost of a shrimpo, probably one he killed. However, it is unknown which death caused the ghost shrimpo to appear, probably one he killed before the video began, because he says that he had a long, hard day of Shrimpo Hunting.
  • A Shrimpo is eaten by Tony.
  • Woody kills nine Shrimpos in Shrimpo Hunter Episode 5.
  • A Giant Shrimpo is killed by Woody with a machine gun.


  • According to Woody, in "Hot Cheesecake", African Shrimpo droppings are so spicy that, if they are eaten, they can cause severe gastrointestinal distress (described by Woody as "your nosehairs come out your butthole" and "your butthole flips inside-out"). This is proven by Shrek, who, after eating them, blasts into space via an explosive fire-fart. Woody was given a large jar of the droppings (which he calls "peppers") by his grandfather, who was also a Shrimpo Hunter. 
  • As revealed in Shrimpo Hunter Episode 5, the age of a Shrimpo can be calculated by counting the stripes on its back. One stripe is equivalent to 10 years.
  • Woody loves the taste of shrimpo and even eats Shrimpo tacos at Taco Bell.
  • It seems that episode 5 was the last video of Shrimpo Hunter.
  • The name ‘Shrimpo’ derives from Lance mishearing a line from the movie Duston Checks In, in which a character says “Shrimp boat!” Lance said the line stuck.