This is a list of all of the equipment used by Woody in the Shrimpo Hunter series.


  • Fireball Cannon
  • Harpoon Gun/Sniper Rifle
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Tomahawk
  • "Binoculars" (Woody's hands forming fake binoculars)
  • Parachute (when jumping from helicopter, forgotten by Woody
  • Shrimpo Trap (Shoebox)
  • Various rifles and machine guns (refer to Shrimpo Hunter)


  • Sedan (Shrimpomobile)
  • Helicopter

Other EquipmentEdit

  • Shrimpo Call (produced by Woody saying "SHRIMPO! CHEW-WEE-BOY! Also emitted by his car's horn.)
  • Fudge Round (Used as bait for the Shrimpo Trap.)
  • Microsoft Shrimpo (A Shrimpo-tracking program used by Woody to track Shrimpos and to emit Shrimpo calls.)