Mufasa Zimbwubwu (???-October 20th, 2012) was an African tribesman played by Lovell Stanton, and a good friend of Woody's. In Shrimpo Hunter episode 4, he helps Woody track down Shrimpos in the wilds of Africa. Mufasa can't actually speak English; instead, he communicates through clicks and hoots. After following some Shrimpo tracks, he is bitten on the arm by a Shrimpo and quickly dies of the Shrimpo's poisonous bite. He might not have died if Woody had chosen to suck out the poison, like treating a snakebite, but Woody said the wound was too gross. After Mufasa dies, Woody covers him with a branch from a bush or tree, as is his tribe's customs. Woody then honors Mufasa's memory by taking a crap in his tribe's "crapping bush" which, in case you haven't guessed, is where members of his tribe go to take craps. At the end of Shrimpo Hunter episode 4, there is a screen showing Woody next to an injured Mufasa, and the text reads, "RIP Mufasa Zimbwubwu ???- October 20th, 2012" after which the video ends. This episode is Mufasa's only appearance, though he probably won't make any more appearances, since he died of a Shrimpo bite.


  • Mufasa is played by Lovell Stanton, a common actor in SML videos. He not only voices many characters, but he has also played a drug dealer and an inmate rapist.
  • Mufasa's full name, Mufasa Zimbwubwu, is likely a reference to two things: Mufasa, Simba's father from Disney's The Lion King, and the African country of Zimbabwe. This might suggest that Mufasa is from Zimbabwe.
  • Mufasa communicating in clicks is likely a reference to a line from Night at the Museum, when Teddy Roosevelt says that he was once guided through the jungle by a pygmy who communicated through clicking. The sounds Mufasa made and the imitation noises Teddy made sound very similar.