Bowser makes Mario's gun missing, and Mario is about to kill Bowser, but Mario realises that everyone's dead, when Mario sees Luigi, Luigi gets killed by Bowser, but Mario wants Luigi to come back to life, but it's not working, Bowser tells Mario that he already killed Luigi, so Mario steals Bowser's powers and uses a fireball, but Mario uses his fireballs (in a video game version), but Mario gets strangled by Bowser and loses all of his powers, Mario wants Mama Luigi to come back to life, and Mama Luigi fights with Bowser, but it ended with a explosion, Yoshi arrives at the scene of Mario's room, but Mario is forced to go to the time machine, with Yoshi, the time machine is guarded by a monster, which turns out to be Diddy Kong, who attacks Yoshi and Mario, Yoshi wants Mario to say 13, but Mario says it's stupid, but finally says 13, and is transported back to 10 months when the show, where the beginning of the first episode, Mama Luigi said to Mario that he needed a lollipop, and Mario and Mama Luigi are bored.