Main Character Judging is where many characters made their first appearances, like Shrek and Mama Luigi.


Mario is holding a contest for a new main character. First up is Shrek, who acts very strange, calling himself an oak tree and a fat juicy melon, and insists that Mario rubs his belly. This proves too much for Mario, sending him into a fit of laughter. Next up is Le Pu, a French Poodle that likes fried chicken. He confuses Mario, as he is extremely self centered, and insists that every single one of SuperMarioLogan's fans will vote for him, just because he is Le Pu. Next is Poochie the Taco Bell Chihuahua. He is Taco Bell's manager, and he idolizes Mario, which he hopes will help him win. Next is a Jawa with Dark Matter in his shorts. He has glowing eyes and says that the Dark Matter in his shorts is the only thing special about him, and that Dark Matter doesn't smell very good. Next Mario meets Tour Guide for Today, who annoys Mario even more than Le Pu. He says his name is Francois, but insists Mario calls him Tour Guide. He also asks the viewers to do things that are impossible on YouTube. Next, a dog named Corndog enters, acting a lot like Tony, but a lot stupider. He makes Mario go into another laughing fit. Next, Mama Luigi tries to enter, and sniffs everything, including Mario. Finally, Pa, a grandpa, tries to enter, but can't say anything because he forgot his dentures. While Mario explains how to vote, Tony, Mr. Pig, and Woody give their thoughts on the contestants.