Mama Luigi

Mama Luigi sings!

Luigi's Secret is an SML short.


Mama Luigi




The Lizard


Mama Luigi is running somewhere with a disc. Mario asks to see it, but Mama Luigi tells him he can't, because he's going to burn it. Mario tells him not to burn it, so Luigi decides to hide it. He doesn't hide it in the toilet, in the fridge, under D.C, in the cakes, in the microwave, in the cookies, or at the bottom of the ocean. He tries to hide it under The Lizard, but he escapes before Luigi can catch him. He finally decides to hide it under a piece of paper. To make sure that the disc isn't found, Luigi writes "The CD is not under this paper!" on the paper. However, Mario finds it anyway. He puts the CD in the PS3, and settles in. It turns out that the CD plays a video of Mama Luigi and Bowser singing "If I Were a Boy" by Beyonce. Mario is laughing at the end, and prepares to put it on YouTube, but Luigi and Bowser try to stop him. The video ends with a message saying "Mario soon posted the video on YouTube and it got over 1,000,000 views, but then it was deleted by YouTube for Copyright".


"If I Were a Boy" (Mama Luigi and Bowser)


When Luigi and Bowser attack Mario, Zeke's face is visible for a split second.