Birthdate Edit

Logan was born in the 17th of November 1994.


Logan made 4 accounts, it started in 8th of December 2007 when he tried to make his account called supermariologan1994, it took minutes before it got deleted, he then made an account called supermariologan, he keeps making 3 accounts, but in 2008, Logan and Zeke both voiced Mario and Mama Luigi, including Luigi, in Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures.

Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventuresEdit

In 2007, it was annouced that Thirtyacre would make a show called Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures would air in 2008, it started on the 17th of November 2008, during Logan's 14th birthday, when he and his friend Zeke were both voicing these toys, when other friends of Logan voiced the other toys.

Personal life / health problemsEdit

In 2011, it was confirmed that Logan was diagnosed with SMA (superior mesenteric artery syndrome), On the 20th of June 2012, he had surgery, but then ended up spending about a month in the hospital due to his stomach being in a deep sleep.