These are the episodes for Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures by SuperMarioLogan.

Season 1 (Mama Luigi Saga)

10 Episodes
1. A Retarded Beginning Mario and Mama Luigi get very bored. Luigi pays Bowser to kidnap Princess Peach. Bowser Kidnaps her and Toad, secretly working for Bowser, sends the bros. to the Grand Canyon.
2. Mama Luigi

After learning Bowser's weakness, Mario and Luigi fly to the Grand Canyon. There, they are attacked by a Yoshisaur. Mama Luigi befriends him though.

3. Monkey Business

Toad sends the bros. to Seaside Valley accidentally. Bowser tells Toad a giant monkey kills people there and flees to make sure the bros. don't die. After putting a toy Monkey on a target, Luigi, Yoshi, and Mario are attacked by a monsterous Monkey. Mario is knocked out and Yoshi gets the upper hand on the monkey.

4. What the F*CK!

A Butt Crocodile discovers Peach. Luigi gets a mushroom for Mario when he hears Peach's voice. Luigi hears Peach say ugly things and walks in. Peach and the Crocodile Guy were putting batteries in the Wii Remote. Luigi plans to leave Mario unconscious and gives the mushroom to a brown elephant, which is taken by Bowser. Bowser tells Mario the whole story and they find Peach, who is kidnapped by the Croco.

5. Just Like Saw Croco, Bowser, and Peach enter a deathtrap. Bowser is about to be sacrificed when Peach is knocked out by a Rubix Cube. Bowser plans to sacrifice Peach to the Evil Eagle Deathtrap. Mario, Yoshi, and Luigi meet a crybaby guard and 2 other guards of the Croco. Luigi babysits them while Mario is hit into a cloning chamber. The clone and Mario are proven different by Mama Luigi.After mama luigi kill the fake mario he went to the cloning chamber many times trying to create his clone. Soon, Mario saves Peach but Bowser escapes with her as Croco is taken by the eagle.
6. The Prison Break Luigi convinces Mario to use the "Grand Theft Auto Technique" to chase Bowser. They beat up Toad and steal his car, but Toad shoots Mario off and gets him arrested as revenge for getting in trouble with Bowser. In prison, Mario meets Goomba Max, Jamacian Crocodillion, Crack Bear, Sally, and Bubbles. Luigi starts a lemonade stand, "Luigi's Retarded Lemonade", to bail Mario out. Toad buys a Mario power drink for $1,000. Mario and the others attempt break out. Goomba Max is killed by Officer Goodman and Crocodillion saves Mario from Bubbles. Outside, he meets Crack Bear.
7. The Fight, That Ain't Right Crack Bear reveals he's apart of the Koopa Clan but is taken by the Eagle. Luigi pays Goodman the money Toad gave him, but says Mario might have jailbreaked. But he lets him off the hook. Mario finds Luigi and Mario freaks out for the following reasons: He left Mario to get arrested and raped by Luigi's college roommate Bubbles and paid Bowser to kidnap his wife. Mario and Luigi end up fighting until he hears Croco's voice. They find Croco and Yoshi trapped. After they save Yoshi and kill Croco, they find the Eagle and Crack Bear drinking lemonade. Luigi drinks it and passes out, along with Crack Bear. After Mario is beaten up, he hears a monkey squeal. The giant Monkey kills the Eagle. He tells Mario his name is Donkey Kong and says he killed Eagle for revenge. he says he won't kill Mario unless he gives him a picture of Peach and Bowser holding a Cookie, in which he can sell for $1,000,000. Mario heads off, only to be called by DK, who says every hour he doesn't show up, one of his friends dies. Mario tells him kill Mama Luigi first and heads off. Bowser and Peach run until they find the prison. There, the Jamacian Crocodillion meets them. He notices Peach is a girl and says the only other girl they had was a "Bob" who got a sex-change. When Bowser says his name, Croco says Bob was looking for a "Trouser, Cowser, Boozer, Penis, etc." Bowser says that's Mario and freaks out that Mario knows where he is. Croco says he jailbreaked. They get ready for Shower-Time. At the shower, they tempt Peach to get her clothes off. As Peach heads off, Croco warns Peach and Bowser about the person who raped 10,001 inmates in 2 weeks. Bubbles enters and notices Peach, a different kind of human without a sausage. He says all the gayness in his body came out of his wenis. Bubbles captures Peach and Bowser runs after her, as Officer Goodman "tries" to stop them. Mario gets his camera and meets Mama Kitty. Bubbles meets a ledge and Bowser punches him off it. Bowser gets a Chips Ahoy cookie and holds Peach, as Mario snapshots it. He heads off, with the 2 chasing him. He gives the camera to DK but DK kills Crack Bear, mistaking him for Mama Luigi. DK breaks his promise, but Bowser arrives and argues about the series. he notices Donkey Kong and they agree to fight.
8. A Fight to Remember Bowser and DK argue about past embarrassments. Mama Luigi sees this as a Yo Mama contest. After telling a bad joke, Bowser knocks him out, sorta. Bowser says it's day. DK says it's dusk, and Bowser says all fights are at night or storming. Luigi wastes time with Yo Mama jokes. Bowser beats him up when he can't take it. They eait 15 minutes when Yoshi wakes up, and goes back to sleep. Bowser sees it at great battling weather. They get ready as Mario and Peach wake up. DK says if everyone is satisfied and everyone says they are. Before the fight, Mama Luigi says it needs an epic intro. He introduces Bowser, who weighs 5000 pounds, and Donkey Kong, who has man boobs. Logan gives the title "The Super Awesome Mega Cool Awesome Fight that is Awesome and is gonna be Cool with Man Boobs!" Luigi counts down. The fight starts. DK starts out winning, until Bowser gets stronger. He throws him into the fan. When Bowser calls him Jimmy Neutron, DK nearly strangles Bowser. Bowser gets the upper hand and throws him into the freezer. As Bowser attacks Mario, the Eagle returns and pushes Bowser down. Bowser attacks the Eagle and snaps his neck and throws him into the ocean. Yoshi saves DK from the freezer. He eats Hot Pockets and DK accidentally closes the refridgerator door. As Bowser celebrates, DK brings sexy back. Bowser attacks DK but DK grabs his hair saying, "Who's Jimmy Neutron now?" He tortures Bowser with pie and beats him down. As Bowser loses energy, he notices Dr. Wham. As DK is outraged by a Dr. pepper copyright, he attacks Bowser but the Wham is thrown at him and Dk falls into the lava. As Bowser celebrates, he hits mama luigi. Mario says he will fight Bowser but is thrown to the freezer. He saves Yoshi from the fridge. As Bowser flees with peach, Mario, Yoshi, and Mama Luigi fight for the ho. The 3 fail badly. As Mario is strangled, Luigi kicks Bwser in the "meatballs." Before Bowser is thrown in the lava, he escapes from it and kills Mario and Yoshi. Luigi uses Super Luigi Power to fight Bowser. Bowser is strangled in the microphone. As Bowser hits him, Luigi overreacts saying, "You don't hit the Mama Luigi." Luigi has a big fight with Bowser. He shoves him in the freezer. 5 minutes later, he has a nervous breakdown and continues beating the crap out of Bowser. As Luigi is about to finish it, Toad brings Bowser a mushroom and becomes Giga Bowser. Luigi is beaten. Bowser makes Luigi take a crap, remembering the Wikipedia page. Luigi is thrown across the room and says, "Is this the end of Luigi?"
9. A Grilling Death As Bowser is about to kill Luigi, he notices the sharpie. he uses the force to get it to him. Luigi gets up and says he has the superpowers. As Bowser criticizes it, Luigi repeatedly says, "What did you say? Do you know what this marker can do?" After a few times of saying it, technical difficulties occur. Bowser yells at Luigi as he does the scene again. That gets Bowser outraged. As they are about to fight, Luigi has a spaz attack and Bowser waits for him. Bowser can't take it and Luigi says the marker has to be shaken. After shaking it, he says a fight this epic needs an epic intro. Bowser beats him up and Luigi loses the $0.99 sharpie. Luigi waits for the boom-boom from th sharpie. After 15 minutes, Luigi feels the Boom-Boom! He beats the crap out of Bowser to the music of Boom Boom Pow. He tries to give Bowser a mustache. He whacks Bowser into a nearby grill and kills him. He gains 0 experience points and learns a new move: Retard! He repeatedly says, "Go Weegee!" in happiness. Back at the castle the next day, Mario says he's shocked Bowser died by a magic marker. Peach says they should go on vacation. She suggests Hawaii, Mario suggests Italy and Luigi suggests the Bahamas. Silence. Mario aks if he remembered that HUGE promise they made a long time ago: The Bahamas had a gay beach. He says he must've goot brainwashed and laughs. Mario says he doesn't laugh like Luigi and concludes him as a FAKE LUIGI! They ask where Luigi is and mama Luigi leads them to Luigi.
10. The Beginning to a Retarded Ending

Mama Luigi reveals Luigi, tied up in a cocoon. Luigi screams for his life. Mama Luigi says he's gonna be a beautiful butterfly. They save him and free him from the cocoon. Luigi tells what happened: The day when he proved himself in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he notices 2 jawas working on a device. He concludes it as a tanning booths and tans himself. It really is a scanner. The jawas see Luigi on the computer and argue. Luigi exits it and takes a crap. Mama luigi comes out of the scanner and notices a closed door. Luigi notices Mama Luigi and says the tanning booth must've been a cloning booth. He sees it as a way to get more popular than Mario, but Mama Luigi captures him and beats him up, saying there's room for only 1 Luigi in the world. Then, Mama Luigi takes place of Luigi in videos like Super Mario Sluggers review and Rock Band review. Mama Luigi says he did it because his fans didn't vote him on the Main Character Judging. Sad, he became a rapper named L-Weezy who only had one fan, Pimpster Goomba, who work on their next hit single: The DSi. Peach calls Officer Goodman and Mama Luigi is arrested. Before Mario can relax, Goodman says it's time for Retard Court. At Retard Court, Officer Judge Goodman says the charges: Kidnapping, Assault, Identity Theft, and Rape. Goodman asks Luigi to state his case: "He beat me up!" Mama Luigi says he's guilty but his Toad Lawyer tells him he's innocent. Mario calls Peach as a witness. Peach says she won't swear to tell the truth on the Super Mario Galaxy guide. Mario asks Peach questions, but Toad tries to convince Goodman Mario did it. Mama Luigi asks her a great question "Do you know the muffin man?" Goodman is convicted guilty and sentences him the shocky chair. Before the jury ends, Yoshi enters and proves Mama Luigi shouldn't die a painful death. Yoshi says he saved Peach, killed Bowser, and saved him from a Frozen Death of Hot Pockets. Goodman sentences him to 1 day in Federal Gay Jail. Toad celebrates as Mario and Luigi cry. mama luigi says this is the best day ever. Mama Luigi enters the jail, meeting Bubbles. The gang run 1028 miles and Mario and Luigi catch up on their past. But they can't think of anything. Peach says there's a 2 for 2 deal on plane tickets. Mama Luigi meets them there and they take the 2 for 2 deal, but Goodman takes the last one. There's a 3 for 2 deal. They can take Yoshi! Peach says they run out of that. Then, a 3 for 3 deal is open. Peach takes Mario to a grassy area and says big news: She's pregnant!

Season 2 (Black Yoshi Saga)

11 Episodes
1. The Loss of a Retard A Goomba is taking a stroll through Seaside Valley when he hears a familiar voice: King Bowser Koopa. He seemed to be screaming, "Get me out of here!" He locates the voice is inside a grill. He uses all his power to open it. Once he opens it, the green and yellow monster known as Bowser jumps out. He heads off for the Castle. Goomba stops him ad asks him if he's after Mario. Bowser says he's off for revenge on Luigi, the weaker Mario brother That makes Goomba lauh. After making fun of Bowser, Bowser kills him and heads off for Luigi. At the castle, Mario, Luigi, Mama Luigi (who Bowser is after), Peach, Yoshi, and Toad pack for vacation. Mama Luigi doesn't pack anything, Luigi packs his toothbrush, and Peach "says" she packed very lightly. Really, she packed her make-up, bed, car, TV, and bathroom. She makes Toad carry it, along with a sleeping Yoshi and his 5000 pound bed. After Toad whines, Mario re-intoduces "Hot Toad Spanking" and spanks Toad out of cussing. Before they can head off to the airport, they hear a familiar voice and a gunshot: Bowser! Mama Luigi says he lied about killing Bowser and shows Mario his bomb he was gonna bring to the plane. He heads off toward Bowser, saying he'll take off the bomb next to Bowser. He jumps to Bowser, realizing the bomb was still on his chest. Bowser fires a gun, and all that's left is a wall of flames and the final whine of Mama Luigi. At Mama Luigi's funeral, Officer Goodman leaves his Mario Car, Bubbles leaves his soap, Toad leaves his nickel, Mario, Luigi, and Peach leave his bat, and Yoshi cries in sadness of losing his mama. After the funeral, Mario and Luigi wonder what's gonna happen to SuperMarioLogan. Then, Luigi notices something. 3 figures approaching them. One is an orange, retarded tiger, one is a high-pitch voiced pig, and the other is a Shrimp-O obsessed cowboy: Tony, Mr. Pig, and Woody! They're back! At the very end, Shrek says he's back and says he ate too much cheesecake over the break and needs to take a crap.
2. The Rise of Bowser Peach is buying lots of things for her new baby. Mario has nightmares about Mama Luigi's Death. Bowser is revealed to be alive, and tells koopa troopa that Peach's baby is his. Mario and Tony play Super Mario Bros. while Bowser starts his quest to the Castle.
3. Yoshi's Cousin

Black Yoshi comes to visit. He bullies everyone, but Mr. Pig eventually stops him. Mario gets really frustrated because Black Yoshi is being rude to him.

4. Doctor HairyLip

Mario makes bad Kool-Aid for Black Yoshi when Toad yells Peach is having her baby. Luigi, Toad, and Mario watch as Peach stresses with her hormones and yells at Mario. Dr. HairyLip, a "doctor" resembling Officer Goodman, enters and examines Peach. After attempts to get the baby out and cure cancer, HairyLip reveals he's not a doctor, but a pervert. A real doctor, Shrek, comes and has better progress with Peach. Peach pushes the baby out, until it is revealed the baby was Shrek's cheesecake. Suddenly, Peach has her real baby. Shrek notices the baby isn't a baby.
5. Baby Mutant Turtles

The baby turns out to be Bowser Jr., who burns Mario and Shrek and runs away with Peach. Black Yoshi is making Kool-Aid when Bowser Jr. comes in with Peach. Mario yells at Black Yoshi to kill it and Black Yoshi shoots Bowser Jr. with his glock. Peach breaks up with Mario but are interrupted when Bowser lands on him.

6. Crazy Monkey Bowser wants revenge on Black Yoshi for killing his son, and tackles him. His gun falls to the floor, and shoots Peach. A monkey named Diddy Kong then tackles Bowser. Bowser runs to his car but it won't start and Diddy Kong attacks Bowser. Black Yoshi finds his gun and the accidental murder. He then hides Peach's dead body in the trash and goes to play Black Ops. Later that night, the house goes dark, and the ghost of Peach, represented by Boo, licks the unconcious Mario. When Mario comes to, he screams and goes to Black Yoshi for help.
7. A Ghost

Mario runs into Black Yoshi's room, as he is playing Black Ops. He explains he saw a ghost but Black Yoshi doesn't believe him. When he says there has to be a dead person to have a ghost and says he can't find Peach, Black Yoshi panics and says, "Don't look in the trash can." As Mario is looking for Peach, the Boo attacks again and Mario encounters a vision of a familiar retarted voice of Mama Luigi. Mario isn knocked out and has a vision: Peach divorces Mario and Mario takes a knife, slices her head, and throws her in the trash. When he wakes up, he finds Woody and Shrek arguing about a corn dog-waffle mixup. He learns the argument started when Mario forgot to get Shrimp and Cheesecake with his paycheck which started them eating a corndog and waffle. When Mario says Shrek isn't apart of the family, Shreks punches him and sticks his corndog up his butt. As mario goes to the trash to puke, he sees the dead body of his wife Peach. He starts running and screaming into Black Yoshi's room as Black Yoshi is playing Online Black Ops. He threatens to kill himself, and with Black Yoshi, fearing the house will be taken, reveals he killed Peach.

8. Back in Prison Hearing Black Yoshi's reason of accidentally killing Peach, Mario beats him up. Toad walks in and sees Mario fighting Black Yoshi, thinking he's murdering him. He runs and calls 911, claiming murder. He then says he sees a body, noticing Peach's body. Officer Goodman arrives and arrests Mario. In his cell, he meets Bubbles (a new version), who says he's gonna rape Mario in the shower. In the shower, Mario drops his soap, and Bubbles rapes him. In Retard Court, the plaintiff, black Yoshi and his lawyer, arrive and say their innocent. Judge Goodman asks for their opening statement. The lawyer simply says Black Yoshi is innocent. Mario tells him the story of seeing a Boo and Black Yoshi's murdering of Peach, but Goodman doesn't believe him and claims him guilty.

9. Getting Proof

Mario complains to Judge Goodman that the case was bullcrap while Black Yoshi and the lawyer dance. Goodman says Mario must get proof of the ghost's existance within 24 hours or he goes back to jail with Bubbles. Mario leaves the courthouse when Toad says he wants to help. They go to a graveyard to find a ghost. When they split up, Toad finds a dollar on a tombstone for a person named Rich. Toad says that must mean he's rich and does his money dance. Suddenly, the ghost of Bowser Jr starts licking Toad, who mistakes him for Mario until he turns around. Toad gets Mario and tells him the Boo was after his dollar. Mario yells, "SCREW THE DOLLAR! We need the ghost!" Mario gets a camera and goes with Toad to Rich's tombstone. Toad says Mario was licking him but Mario takes it as a stupid joke. The Boo attacks Mario and Toad but Mario takes a picture of the ghost attack at the last minute. He shows it to Goodman, who says he could've Photoshopped it. He sends Toad to prove to Goodman the ghost is real. Toad says he's the guy in the picture with Mario and Boo. Toad says he found a dollar near a tombstone that said Rich, but Goodman accuses him of graverobbing and has him arrested with Bubbles. Mario is then released with a warning. Mario runs out with glee. Meanwhile in the graveyard, a voice yells, "Mario!": The voice of Luigi.And theirs a strange noise

10. Friends 'Til the End

On his way back home, Black Yoshi tries to make peace with Mario. Mario goes into a fit of rage and tells him to leave. He says that Yoshi was way better than Black Yoshi, since Yoshi has done alot of things for Mario in the past. Mario then wonders where Yoshi is. Suddenly, Mario is called by a familiar face: Bowser! He says he has kidnapped Luigi and held him in captivity ever since the day Bowser Jr. was born. It is then revealed that Bowser was behind Mario the whole time. Mario demands Luigi be released, and Bowser shows him a video on his iPhone of him choking Luigi in cat litter. When Mario threatens to kill Bowser, Bowser calls in help: PEACH, who was revived and demonized. Demon Peach attacks Mario while Bowser watches and Black Yoshi runs. As Peach is about to kill Mario, Black Yoshi shoots her from behind (the same way she died 5 episodes back, but on purpose this time). Black Yoshi says that he has finally done something for Mario, like Yoshi, and saved his life. Black Yoshi prepares to fight Bowser, but Bowser distracts him. Bowser then pulls out a lightsaber and stabbed Black Yoshi in the back, killing him. Mario then screams in rage and disbelief, while Bowser pushes him off a cliff. Then Bowser sends in another demon: MAMA LUIGI!!! Mama Luigi chases MArio up another cliff, and Mario sees Black Yoshi's gun he dropped. Reluctant at first, Mario shoots and kills Mama Luigi. Bowser then reveals that when he was attacked by Diddy 5 episodes back, they became friends and he let Bowser go. Mario then shouts that he will finally kill Bowser.

11. Season Finale

Bowser makes Mario's gun disappear and explains that he has magic powers. He has the power to revive people and even turn them into demons(which can be possible if he actually came to the graveyard). Bowser then teleports the real Luigi to them and kills him instantly. Bowser kicks Luigi to Mario`and shouts that he is invincible. When Bowser threatens to finally kill Mario, Mario doesn't refuse it, as all of his true friends are gone. Bowser doesn't like this idea, since he wants an epic final climactic battle, so he transfers some of his power to Mario so they can be equal. Mario is given the power of fireballs, so he prepares for the final battle. MArio and Bowser battle NES-style, until Bowser grabs Mario and chokes him. When Mario realizes that he has Bowser's power, he realizes that the only way to defeat Bowser is to revive the person who defeated him before: Mama Luigi. He used the revive power to revive Mama Luigi and says that Bowser took his nickel. In rage, Mama Luigi attacks Bowser and beats him down with his famous Sharpie. Mama Luigi draws a moustache on Bowser, and the power of the sharpie causes an explosion, killing Bowser and Mama Luigi for good. Mario then realizes that he has no more powers. All of the sudden, Yoshi appears. He explains that he was locked up under Bowser's power, but since he died, Yoshi was freed. Mario says that he has no reason to live and doesn't know what to do. Yoshi says that there is a time machine controlled by a time shroom that is guarded by a Monster. Mario is desperate, but Yoshi says that there's a possible side effect of losing all memories of the future. Mario accepts the challenge and Yoshi takes him to the time machine. They can't work the time shroom, so Yoshi looks for a button. Then, he is attacked by Diddy, the monster who guards it. Yoshi yells for Mario to say "13" since the number is on the machine. Mario says that's stupid, but eventually says it. The machine powers up but Diddy holds Yoshi down. Mario refuses to leave without Yoshi, but Yoshi yells for him to go. Mario jumps in the portal, and is teleported 10 months back when the series began. Mario and Mama Luigi sit on the bed, and Mama Luigi says, "I want a lollipop." The ending is a mystery, as it appears Mario has forgotten everything. Whether this is a cliffhanger or a mess up in production is unknown, as Logan hasn't mentioned anything about it affecting a new series.