Jackie Chu is a Chinese character hired by Bowser to be his second chef. Jackie and Chef PeePee quickly become friends, although they do tend to get on each others' nerves. Jackie Chu has so far appeared in three videos.


  • Bowser's Chinese Food
  • The Fly
  • Chef PeePee's Birthday
  • Bowser Junior's Summer School Part 1
  • Bowser Junior's Summer School Part 2
  • Bowser Junior's Summer School Part 3
  • Bowser Junior's Summer School Part 4
  • Bowser Junior's Summer School Part 5
  • Bowser Junior's Summer School Part 6
  • Bowser Junior's Summer School Part 7


Jackie Chu has a lot of weird mannerisms that he calls "old Chinese traditions". They include:

  • Throwing a spoon into the air and naming your unborn child after the sound it makes (example: "ching-chong")
  • Carrying a pack of hot dogs around in your pants.


  • Jackie Chu, given that he is Chinese, is an outlet for a lot of racist humor directed at the Asian peoples. For example, when Jackie and PeePee are making Bowser some hot dogs in "The Fly", and Jackie cannot find the buns, he commets "I'm Asian! We're used to eating our dogs without buns." Jackie also talks with a stereotypical Chinese accent, often slurring his Ls so that they sound like Rs. (Like saying "fry" instead of "fly", or "Godzirra" instead of "Godzilla".)
  • In "The Fly", Jackie is attempting to swat a fly that killed his grandfather (by making him choke). During the process, he mentions that he has a black belt in Karate, and in this, he may be referencing the classic martial arts movie cliche about catching/killing a fly with chopsticks, or by some other unusual means.
  • Regarding the previous note: Karate is actually a Japanese martial art. Kung Fu is a Chinese variant of Japanese.


  • "What would you like to eat, Godzirra?" -Adressing Bowser in "The Fly"
  • "The fry... that fry killed my grandfather..." -At various points in "The Fly"
  • (Tosses spoon into the air, watches it clatter to the floor.)
Chef PeePee: "What does this have to do with naming your kid?" Jackie Chu: "It's old Chinese tradition. Now, what sound it make?" Chef PeePee: "I don't know; it made like a "ching-chong" sound." Jackie Chu: "Good. Ching Chong; that shall be my child's name. Now we need to pick out a middle name." Chef PeePee: "Okay..." - Chef PeePee's Birthday
  • Chef PeePee: "Okay, let's start by making Bowser's hot dogs." Jackie Chu: "Hold on." (Reaches into pants, pulls out package of hot dogs.) Chef PeePee: "You carry around hot dogs in your pants?" Jackie Chu: "Is old Chinese tradition." - The Fly
  • Chef PeePee: "You can't even find any freaking hot dog buns?!" Jackie Chu: "I'm Asian! We're used to eating our dogs without buns." -The Fly
  • "'Cause you're dumb!" -Various occasions, to insult Chef PeePee