HBTV was a TV channel that was founded in 2002 in order to remember the birth of its founder Harry David Bird, who was born on the same day it was founded. The TV company has also got a music channel called HBTVMusic and a film channel called HBTVFilm.

Programmes Edit

The Simpsons (2002-present)

Futurama (2002-present)

Family Guy (2002-present)

South Park (2002-present)

EastEnders (2002-present)

Adventure Time (2011-present)

HBTV News (2002-present)

Malcolm in the Middle (2002-present)

American Dad! (2005-present)

The Cleveland Show (2010-present)

Tom & Jerry (2002-present)

Looney Tunes (2002-present)

The Flintstones (2002-2007)

The Jetsons (2002-2007)

Batman (2002-2007, 2017-present)

Star Trek: The Original Series (2002-2007)

YouTube channel Edit

In January 2016, HBTV had its own YouTube channel to air the continuity and the news of the events that have happened on the same day. It was closed down on 22 March 2016 because the TV company didn't feel like being on the website anymore.

Controversy Edit

On 16th September 2005, HBTV aired a pre-watershed episode of The Simpsons entitled ''Weekend at Burnsie's''. The episode aired at 8pm when Ofcom asked them to air the episode at 9pm, but HBTV ignored Ofcom and aired the episode at 8pm instead of 9pm. After that, 40 complaints were made about the use of marijuana in the episode and they were issued to Ofcom. HBTV then apologized for airing the episode at a pre-watershed hour instead of airing it at 9pm. Years later, HBTV airs the episode at 9pm in order to not receive complaints and there were no complaints being made about Homer's use of marijuana.

Top 10 highest-rated programmes during 2002 to the present Edit

10-EastEnders (Christmas 2002 where Jamie Mitchell dies) 11.8 million 25th December 2002

9-The Simpsons (Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire) 13.15 million 6th December 2002

8-EastEnders (Christmas 2009 where Archie Mitchell is murdered by a mysterious person) 14.83 million 25th December 2009

7-EastEnders (Flashback episode where the killer of Lucy Beale is finally revealed) 15.92 million 19th February 2015

6-The Simpsons (Barting Over) 16.99 million 6th August 2005

5-Malcolm in the Middle (Pilot) 17.47 million 8th December 2002

4-Futurama (Space Pilot 3000) 18.5 million 5th December 2002

3-The Simpsons (At Long Last Leave) 20.67 million 21st February 2012

2-EastEnders (The first ever episode) 23.81 million 19th February 2015

1-EastEnders (Peggy Mitchell's death) 28.89 million 17th May 2016

HBTVFilm Edit

HBTVFilm was founded on 5th December 2005. It shows such great films like King Kong, The Lord of The Rings, Jaws, Star Wars and many more.

HBTVMusic Edit

HBTVMusic was founded on 5th December 2010. It shows great music videos such as Michael Jackson's Thriller and PSY's Gangnam Style.

10 Years of HBTV Edit

HBTV celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2012. It showed a Simpsons-themed marathon named ''Simpsons Day'' in order to celebrate 10 years. The marathon had such episodes as Barting Over, You Only Move Twice and Homer the Whopper.