Mario has had enough of Black Yoshi, after Black Yoshi confessed to Mario for killing his wife, Peach, back in Episode 7, and Mario finally reveals that Luigi is kidnapped, and Black Yoshi's cousin is Bowser, who kidnapped Luigi, Bowser comes up and sends in Peach to kill Mario, but Black Yoshi kills Peach again, and is stabbed with a lightsaber by Bowser, who finally murders Black Yoshi, and the gun drops itself, Bowser also sends in Mama Luigi to kill Mario, but Mario steals Black Yoshi's gun and shoots Mama Luigi, dead, Bowser and Mama Luigi became friends, and Mario has a gun and he's going to kill Bowser, the words 'To Be Continued' heard the gunshot where Bowser is shot dead, and dies in the final episode named 'Season Finale'.