Plot Edit

On his way back home, Black Yoshi tries to make peace with Mario. Mario goes into a fit of rage and tells him to leave. He says that Yoshi was way better than Black Yoshi, since Yoshi has done alot of things for Mario in the past. Mario then wonders where Yoshi is. Suddenly, Mario is called by a familiar face: Bowser! He says he has kidnapped Luigi and held him in captivity ever since the day Bowser Jr. was born. It is then revealed that Bowser was behind Mario the whole time. Mario demands Luigi be released, and Bowser shows him a video on his iPhone of him choking Luigi in cat litter. When Mario threatens to kill Bowser, Bowser calls in help: PEACH, who was revived and demonized. Demon Peach attacks Mario while Bowser watches and Black Yoshi runs. As Peach is about to kill Mario, Black Yoshi shoots her from behind (the same way she died 5 episodes back, but on purpose this time). Black Yoshi says that he has finally done something for Mario, like Yoshi, and saved his life. Black Yoshi prepares to fight Bowser, but Bowser distracts him. Bowser then pulls out a lightsaber and stabbed Black Yoshi in the back, killing him. Mario then screams in rage and disbelief, while Bowser pushes him off a cliff. Then Bowser sends in another demon: MAMA LUIGI!!! Mama Luigi chases MArio up another cliff, and Mario sees Black Yoshi's gun he dropped. Reluctant at first, Mario shoots and kills Mama Luigi. Bowser then reveals that when he was attacked by Diddy 5 episodes back, they became friends and he let Bowser go. Mario then shouts that he will finally kill Bowser.