List of Cute Podge and Rodge episodes

Meet Spiderman and HomerEdit

Podge Rodge and Black Spiderman are relaxing then Homer and Spiderman come out from the window.Then Spiderman has a fight with Podge and Rodge.what happens next?

Have a Leak Part 1 and Part 2Edit

When Podge and Rodge get a leak in they're ceiling they call Bob to fix it.But when Podge and Rodge leave Spiderman plays a trick on them.


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Meet WoodyEdit

When Podge and Rodge meet Woody Rodge kills his pet Tiger.Then Woody teams up with Spiderman to destroy Podge and Rodge.

Woody's Revenge Part 1 and Part 2Edit

When Podge and Podge find a Genie in a bread roll they wish to have someone to fight. Then Woody appears back from the dead and takes revenge on Podge and Rodge.

Who Kidnapped Homer Simpson???Edit

Homer gets kidnapped so Podge and Rodge try to find out who did it and stop him.

Jake and Bella's WeddingEdit

Podge and Rodge get invited to Jake and Bellas wedding.
Will the wedding be a success?

The Clyclops Part 1 and Part 2Edit

Walter and Spiderman turn Jake into a Clyclops and a bad guy.
Podge, Rodge and Woody must stop Walter and Spiderman and save Jake

The Murder Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3Edit

After Alex got murdered, Podge and Rodge must investigate the murder. When they team up with Woody, Spiderman and In The Night Garden people, they try and reveal the killer, which the killer is revealed to be Kane.

The Demon Part 1 and Part 2Edit

Podge and Rodge get turned into demons by Lord Losse, will Woody save them from being turned into demons before it's too late.