Wario, better known by his nickname Bubbles, is a character from Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Season 1, who is a minor, yet significant antagonist. Wario is an obese rapist who was sent to prison for unknown crimes (obviously rape of some sort) and was the most dangerous inmate, having raped almost every inmate in the entire prison. For unknown reasons, he earned the nickname "Bubbles" (presumably due to his preferred method of raping people in the shower, usually when they drop their soap). When Mario was arrested and sent to prison for carjacking, Goomba Max warned Mario of Bubbles, and when it was shower time, Mario first-hand experienced the horror that was Bubbles' raping.

That night, Mario once again was raped by Bubbles, who was sleeping in the same bed as Mario. It is because of this that Mario was briefly left in a paranoid state.