Plot Edit

Bowser and DK argue about past embarrassments. Mama Luigi sees this as a Yo Mama contest. After telling a bad joke, Bowser knocks him out, sorta. Bowser says it's day. DK says it's dusk, and Bowser says all fights are at night or storming. Luigi wastes time with Yo Mama jokes. Bowser beats him up when he can't take it. They eait 15 minutes when Yoshi wakes up, and goes back to sleep. Bowser sees it at great battling weather. They get ready as Mario and Peach wake up. DK says if everyone is satisfied and everyone says they are. Before the fight, Mama Luigi says it needs an epic intro. He introduces Bowser, who weighs 5000 pounds, and Donkey Kong, who has man boobs. Logan gives the title "The Super Awesome Mega Cool Awesome Fight that is Awesome and is gonna be Cool with Man Boobs!" Luigi counts down. The fight starts. DK starts out winning, until Bowser gets stronger. He throws him into the fan. When Bowser calls him Jimmy Neutron, DK nearly strangles Bowser. Bowser gets the upper hand and throws him into the freezer. As Bowser attacks Mario, the Eagle returns and pushes Bowser down. Bowser attacks the Eagle and snaps his neck and throws him into the ocean. Yoshi saves DK from the freezer. He eats Hot Pockets and DK accidentally closes the refridgerator door. As Bowser celebrates, DK brings sexy back. Bowser attacks DK but DK grabs his hair saying, "Who's Jimmy Neutron now?" He tortures Bowser with pie and beats him down. As Bowser loses energy, he notices Dr. Wham. As DK is outraged by a Dr. pepper copyright, he attacks Bowser but the Wham is thrown at him and Dk falls into the lava. As Bowser celebrates, he hits mama luigi. Mario says he will fight Bowser but is thrown to the freezer. He saves Yoshi from the fridge. As Bowser flees with peach, Mario, Yoshi, and Mama Luigi fight for the ho. The 3 fail badly. As Mario is strangled, Luigi kicks Bwser in the "meatballs." Before Bowser is thrown in the lava, he escapes from it and kills Mario and Yoshi. Luigi uses Super Luigi Power to fight Bowser. Bowser is strangled in the microphone. As Bowser hits him, Luigi overreacts saying, "You don't hit the Mama Luigi." Luigi has a big fight with Bowser. He shoves him in the freezer. 5 minutes later, he has a nervous breakdown and continues beating the crap out of Bowser. As Luigi is about to finish it, Toad brings Bowser a mushroom and becomes Giga Bowser. Luigi is beaten. Bowser makes Luigi take a crap, remembering the Wikipedia page. Luigi is thrown across the room and says, "Is this the end of Luigi?"